Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doggie Hairdo's { Beautician} Certified

Yes . That's what I do and I love it. It's now a good 18 years since I got my calling from G-d and I've seen many a mass of fur in my time. There's no reason why your furry pet should never look his or her best .anytime of the year no matter what the weather maybe. From the very young puppy to the senior pets I've groomed them all and oh what a great turnout they all have been.. My services go directly to your door. Friendly, kind, gentle,experienced with TLC for the furry one without the stress of cages and staying in the shop all day.
Most haircuts take about 2 hours all in the privacy of your home and there are no overhead charges .I am a portable grooming service .which means my fees are less than that of a moble van and therefore a happier groomimg experience. for all, .
I perform my grooming services in Flowery Branch,Northern Gwinnett and surrounding areas. If you would like to contact me for a stress-free spa day for your furry pet.. Feel free to contact me at for any questions whatsoever.

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RockinTheSnailMail said...

Yevette has got to be one of the gentlest animal lovers and most trustworthy, honest, trustworthy and patient dog groomers around! Not only does she advocate for the welfare of animals, she's a proud "momma" of five pooches herself. Those guys have got it good, believe me! You really can't go wrong with choosing her expertise to help shape up your proud pup!