Thursday, June 19, 2008

What A Cutie!!!

The second I saw Kilo, a 4lb maltese, I fell in puppy love with him. He is very energetic and super friendly. It was his first grooming session with me and he was a little anxious. Once we got started he settled down and the beautifying began. He didn't have too much body hair to cut off but his legs were badly matted. After a good while of making magic and the knots disappearing , he was really looking up to par. Our bathtime was very energetic but I knew he enjoyed it. He smelled soooo good. When I asked him to shake he did it immediately . I then gave him a doggie massage and then it was back to the table to finish our haircut. Quite anxious to finish he was and we did. The finale--- the cutest of the cute and mommy and daddy were very happy too.
As for myself, it was truly puppy love. and I had another addition to my doggie family.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

What Sweethearts!!!!!!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Chance and Lotto. Two standard poodles. One white and one black. They are both rescue dogs and brothers as well. Both very lucky to be with their mommy and daddy humans who love them dearly. Both shy in there own way. Their mommy introduced me and we hit it off right away. Because of their uncertainity I approached quietly and they then knew I was their friend. For the next three hours, summer cuts were in the making. By the gentleness of my touch to them , their fears of me had subsided .When all hairdoing was finished -- they were the KOOLEST ever. Thanks guys . WoofWoof Until we meet again. Stay KOOL and have fun

Sunday, June 15, 2008

My Hennessey

This is my lhaso. He is quite a dog. He is very special. I rescued him in 2004 from the inevitable and a life of abuse in his younger years. I pretty him up as much as I can . Because of his past history, trusting humans in the beginning was quite difficult for him. With health problems and skin allergy, and constant medication blindness set in. My husband and him have a special life saving bond. We all enjoy him and he now has grown to know the good life. His 3 other cannine friends are quite happy with him. This is My Henney.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Shy One

Noel is beagle who had a hard life before she found her new mommy who loves her dearly. I had the pleasure of meeting her in the early part of June for the first time. Al l she needed was a bath and her nails cut. She was very shy and wasn't sure who I was or to even trust me. After a few minutes of doggie pleasantry and soft talking, she decided to give me the benefit of the doubt. I gave her a spa beauty treatment bath and she was very calm and realized that she was right to trust me. For myself, I felt great. I had made another friend and was able to add Noel to my doggie family.
Noel has passed on about a month or so ago. I was glad to have known her. She will be missed. Woof Woof Love

What a GOOD BOY!!

Today, I had the pleasure of seeing my friend Mr Lang as I call him. He is a pekingnese and a cutie pie at that. My initial greeting with Mr. Lang is that always of a kind of protest by him. Once on the table, his protesting turns to mush. The time we spend together making him beautiful for mommy and grandma is most enjoying to him. He especially liked his bath today. He always looks forward to his summer hairdo and how comfortable he feels.

Charley --OH HANDSOME!!!!!!!

It was GREAT seeing Charley again . Once again it was his day to became the most handsomist dog on the block. As soon as I arrived, we both knew he was ready. For the next two hours, he was center of my attention and that's exactly what he got. He was pampered from head to toe with my special spa treatment and he enjoyed every minute of it. How handsome he was and he knew it. We had a GREAT grooming day and he didn't even have to leave his house.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Lovely Caesar

Here is 2 hours of hard work. This is Caesar, the cutest Pekingese ever. We enjoy our haircut and bath time together. He is very friendly and outgoing, but the best part is the complementary kiss I receive when finished.
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My Day With Gracie

This is Gracie. She is an one eyed shih tzu. I've had the pleasure of grooming her for about a year now. She is a real sweetheart. Every grooming visit Gracie gets a spa treatment and a haircut. I enjoy making her comfortable for the seasons all year round.
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Kia Gets A Special Bath

This is Kia. She is part lab and part dacshund.
I recently had the pleasure of given Kia her first spa treatment bath. She was a delight and from the kisses I was getting it told me how much she was enjoying it. She is a pleasure to bath . Her personality is as cute as her button nose. The time I spent in the presence of her company, it felt good that I had another addition to my doggie family.
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