Saturday, August 30, 2008

Little Gizmo

What a cutie! He truly is a free spirit. A cutie of a shihtzu. My encounter with him was a .kind of rescue mission from mom. She approached me while I was in her neighbohood grooming 3 pomeranians. Please help. So I did. I couldn't believe that Gizmo was groomed only 2 weeks. Nice cut but they left all the mats that they felt the vet should take of. I couldn't believe it. Yes they were pretty bad mats. For myself a grooming is a grooming no matter what condition. After working on them for about half an hour all were gone. NO VET NEEDED. Just me. After that another new look. Mom was happy. One more doggie for me. Woof Woof LOVE Gizmo

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The White Star

Estrella. What a poodle! She's always ready for a beauty day session. The other day we spent about a good some time together . It took a little more than a while to make her look extra special. She was a little overdue for her haircut. She was fluffed here and fluffed there and she knew she was beginning to look like a shining star. We always enjoy our time together as the woof woof talking continues. We even rub noses from time to time. For Halloween we're going colorful. I'm looking forward to it and so is her mom. In the meantime, be the star that you are.Until then woof woof LOVE

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Little Mickey

How cute he is! So sweet and s0 friendly. I was greeted as though I was his long lost friend. For me , that was great. He was quite matted and his mom asked me if I could leave him hair and I did. He was decked out with a summer haircut and mom was happy. We have another grooming session again in Sept .Thank you for trusting me to make you feel comfortable. . Woof Woof LOVE
Your personal doggie beautician

The Motley Crew

What a doggie family these 3 are. It's always my pleasure to groom all 3 of them. They are so sweet. Harper, the lab mix gets a good furminating and a spa bath. Pepper, schnauzer
mix always short and kool and little Cricket, a
a brush out with a special bath. They recognize me immediately when I see them. They truly are mom's sweetheart and mine. Much LOVE to my friends.

Old Faithful

Heidi the Sweetest cocker spaniel ever.
She greeted me much friendly and was glad when I began to groom her and relieve her of all the excess hair. We spent about two and half hours together. So patient and cooperative, She most welcomed the beauty session. A few thank you kisses for me during that time and much woof woof talk. I topped it off with a oatmeal bath and conditioner to sooth her skin A good drying to go and she was ready to see both mom and dad .
She is devoted to them both. Woof woof LOVE
to you

The Patient One

Always Mr. Snickers is. He always get the same haircut when I'm there. Mom likes it that way. Our time together is smoooth and easy and he really enjoys his bath and massage. Our woof woof talking is most enjoyable to him and me.
You're a good boy and thank you for trustimg me
everytime we see each other. Til again
WoofWoof LOVE
Your personal doggie beautician

The Much Playful Pup

This is Bell. A shihtzu about a year old or so. She's a real cutie. She was very happy to see me. We had another beauty day session . We were together abour two hours or so taking our knots
and leaving hair long enough to make her look and feel likea stuffed animal .How soft and cuddly she felt when done.
Thank you my much playful pup
Til our next encounter
Your personal doggie beautician

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Family

Three pomerians. Mom Zoe,Joey and Lizzie. Oh how cute all three of them.! We see each about every four or five months for a different look. Last time-Lion cuts, this time-foxes. I was greeted with yup yup barking from all three. They were glad to see me and I them. It was like old home week. Much hair. After spending 5 hours with them cutting,shampooing and drying ,they did indeed look like 3 little foxes. Daddy approved. Our beauty day was a success
and a thumbs up for myself.
Woof woof love to you and thank you for being so patient.
Your personal doggie beautician

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little Tillie and Preston The Senior Yorkie

Preston , my senior doggie friend. I haven't seen him in a good while because he had health issues. Mom called. It was time for him to get cleaned up. I was much glad because I missed him. He is 13 years old. I think in his own way he was happy to see me. We spent about three hours together in making him over and we were talking woof woof. He was a good boy and had much patience. Our bath was a deep cleansing with oatmeal shampoo and conditioner, He enjoyed his bath. When all was done, he smelled oh so good and looked like a puppy. And Tillie, his friend was as still the cutie as she was the last time. She allowed me to cut her nails even though she was afraid.
To both my doggie friends Thank you my doggie friends. It was my pleasure.
Woof Woof Love
Your personal doggie beautican

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Kissiest

Scooby so many kisses so much kisses Our first time together.
We had a good time during our grooming session. We talked woof woof and got along just fine. A summer cut to make him feel more comfortable. He especially liked his bath and massage.
What a delight and how happy he was. It made me very happy to know that he knew that I was his friend and he trusted me. Thank you much Scooby Scooby. Til our next session---
Stay the kissiest.
Woof Woof Love
Your personal doggie beautician

The Magnicent One.

Wow! Today I had the upmost pleasure of meeting Sir Lancelot. What a collie! What a beauty!
All that hair. Although he was of tricolor, he reminded me so much of my Sir Lancelot who was all black. We spent about 5 hours together ---with the furminator and then the special bath and then drying time. He was soooo good which made my job easy. Mom was there to make him feel even more at ease.
His story. Mom had found him wandering around her yard one day and knew that if he was in trouble he came to the right house. Instant attachment. He needed much making over and help. And so goes the story.
He was patient and trusting with me and we woof woof bonded quite well.
Thank you much for being in my doggie family. Til November . Stay as beautiful as you are .
Woof Woof Love
Your personal doggie beautician.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

My Long Lost Friend Sparky

What a happy greeting from Sparky. He remembered me.Such kisses. We hadn't seen each other in awhile. It made me feel great. Our grooming session went well. He especially liked his bath and the massage. After drying,he was good to go and more kisses for me. Thank you my long lost friend. Til we meet again. Woof Woof Love
Your personal doggie beautician.

Soft and Cuddly

That's how we looked when we were all finished. Toby is just like a stuffed animal.
He always cooperates and our time together is enjoying for both of us. He loves to be pampered knowing how cute he will look after his grooming session. This time just a bath and a fluff and smelled oh so sweet.We had our woof woof talk as usual with kisses in between. Thank you cuddly one. Til we meet again. Woof Woof Love. Your personal doggie beautician.