Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Playful Pup

Chloe, a playful yorkie at that, had her trim up beauty day today. I trimmed there and I trimmed here and then she was given a spa bath. Afterwards a fluffying and drying to make sure all hairs were in tact. She really enjoys her bath. We didn't spend too much together but the kissy rewards were still there. She's a little darling and I enjoy seeing her. Her mom was happy too.She looked Great.
Stay the little darlling that you are Chloe until our next beauty day.
Woof Woof Love

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Little Abby

A white and gold colored long haired chiwuaua. It was her first haircut and she was a little afraid. She doesn't even weigh ten pounds. Her daddy stayed with us to reassure her. After a few minutes we were friends and Abby wasn't so nervous.Her hair was quite a coat for a dog her size. I gave her a spa treatment bath and she was quite content. When all was done she looked and felt a little more comfortable and she was happy. Kiss Kiss Abby. Thank you for our time we spent for your beauty day .
Woof Woof Love

Two Little Sweeties

Such Sweethearts. Molly, a westie and Cricket,a maltese. Such a warm greeting I received from them. It was like old home week. We spent about three hours together getting trimmed and having special baths. We had a great time. They both were so easy and cooperative. We had fun during our beauty day session.
Mom was much satisfied.
Woof Woof Love Little Sweethearts

The Cutie White Ones

Reese and Riley. Two westies about 6 years old. They were adopted together by their mommy. I met them for the first and they greeted me as though they knew me all their lives.
How good that made me feel! Once the actual grooming started they were a little unsure of what was going on and should they trust me. As soon as we started our doggie talk all was ok. I gave them both a summer look but left their westie faces. Cute! Riley, an oatmeal shampoo and conditioner. and Reese had a special shampoo for her skin condition. I gave them both massages too and they loved it. When all was done, they were happy to be free of all that extra hair. Mom loved it because she was able to continue her work at home because her cuties never had to leave their home.
Woof Woof Love
It was my pleasure.

The First Time We Met

Ginger, a black rotty sheperd mix. What a good dog. She's about 4 or 5 years old. Sooo sweet. The day we met it was quite hot. Her father had called me to give her a cooler look to feel more comforable. It was her first time. She was just like a pro. Daddy was there too to reassure her that it was ok. She trusted me. Good Job!
Woof Woof Love. See you next year Ginger. Stay KOOL

My Buddy Butch

A pug named Butch. We finally caught up with each other after a good while. His mom called me to get his nails cut. He remembered me. He's a character in his own right and smart as a whip.Before I cut his nails, we played for awhile to make him feel at ease so I would think. To no avail, this was not his cup of tea. So in between every nail we played. It took a while but the job was done and Butch was glad when it was over. All done and til the next time. Butch went to sleep. Oh, I should say, back to sleep because our schedules ran different. Good Job Sweet Pea. Woof Woof Love

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good Dog Cash

Today I met Cash for the first time. He is a black collie chow chow mix. His mom called me to give his first bath since his recent adoption. He's about 1-1 1/2 years old. He's absolutely gorgeous and what a great personality. With all that hair, he needed a much brushing as well as a deshading shampoo and conditioner. He was very trusting of me. Mom helped too. He's quite a dog. We spent a good hour and a half with his indulgence. When finished no loose hairs, smelled great and the shinniest coat ever. How great he felt! Good Job Cash. Til our next time. Woof Woof love

Monday, July 21, 2008

Prince Harry and his Mom

Harry, as his mom called him. I called him Prince Harry. He always looked just as his picture when our beauty session was done. His long hair was just like silk and flowed when he walked. He was so beautiful and looked real proud after our session. I adored him. We saw each other every 4 weeks. He always had to look princely and boy he did. Harry passed on since then. It's been a while. He is in doggie heaven on his princely throne. Thanks much much for making him part of my doggie family.
I will always miss you Prince Harry.
Much Woof Woof LOVE,
Your former personal doggie beautician.

What A Delight

Little Sophie. She is so delightful. You can't help but just want to keep cuddling her when you see her. My first pleasureful meeting was only for a puppy bath and fluff and face touch up. She was so trusting. Mom was quite amazed. She went from hohum to OH MY GOSH IS THAT MY PUPPY?
Thank you for the special time for you.
See you again. In the meantime, stay a DELIGHT.
Woof Woof LOVE

The Soccer Puppy

Beckham, a little white maltese. He is a truly waggietail. So much that it's mostly wagging through the whole haircut. He's really very glad to see me knowing that he will be comfortable again. He is named after the famous soccer player because when he was a puppy he would be in and out of peoples feet. During our handsomely grooming session, I occasionaly get a kiss from him. So sweet is he. Thanks Mr. Beckham for the waggietailing visit.
Woof Woof LOVE Your personal doggie beautician

Thursday, July 17, 2008

How Cute Are They

Lexi and Bailey. What can I say.One white and one black. Both different as night and day.How playful is Bailey all the time and Lexi is quiet. I'm greeted most warmly by both of them. Our session usually last about two and half hours or so. Art in the making,I call it. Each cooperates in their own way and yet know how much they can trust me. Both getting special baths too and primming and propering until the look is complete. Two CUTIES Good Job. Stay CUTE. See you again cuties.
Woof Woof LOVE

The Ones I Left Behind

Just four old friends from New York, not to mention the many others. I had seen them about 2 months ago. It's been almost two years now. I groomed them faithfully back then and boy do I miss them. I miss all of them. They were all glad to see me and I them . Woof Woof LOVE to all I left behind.

My Old Pal Mr.KOOL

This is Dusty. He's real KOOL' That's how he appears upon greeting me.He thinks if he looks the other way I'll go away. His sister always has to reassure him and then he's mine. As soon as the grooming begins,he begins to relax and remember. About an hour and half later, his summer look is complete and then he knows he really is KOOL. A kiss goodbye for me and our visit is over. Later Mr KOOL Til we meet again.
Much Woof Woof Love.

Aries Cousin

Little sweetie Wolfie. a yorkie. We finally found each other. Boy were we glad to see each other and so was his mom. Grooming Wolfie is easy. He is very cooperative and looks forward to his makeover. We have a special tub that his mom gives us to use for his bath and he loves it. The grooming session goes well. I love to pamper him and I know he loves it too. When all is done, he smells so good and looks GREAT and mom thinks so too. Thank you sweetie. Til next time. Woof Woof Love as always. What a GREAT picture!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Two Black Beauties and Little Paco

Duncan and Dante and Little Paco. What a trio! All apples of mommy and daddy's eye. Each with his own special story and boy do they have stories.What a waggietail greeting I received from the trio. It was as though I was their long lost friend.
Such much black hair much waiting to be freed from. Once our session began the look of KOOL was so much on their faces. It was hot and the timing was right. Summer makeover and spa treatments to go. Their patience was much til complete. The kisses was my reward because I knew how they felt and looked. KOOL REAL KOOL .
Little Paco nails were clipped and he trusted me to do so. Mom and Dad gave a thumbs up. Yes for me and another three additions to my doggie family. Thanks guys. Sorry this is late.
Woof Woof LOVE Your personal doggie beautician

Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Kissy Kissy

Abby, A white small mixed terrier breed. How friendly she is. She greeted me greatly for the first time as though I was her long lost friend. She certainly had a lot of hair and was overdue. I was much glad when her mommy called and asked to make her pretty. She is a friend of Mr.Lang who lives across the street. Mommy wanted pretty and that's exactly what she got. How trusting she was. Our beauty makeover went very well and the time spent was a great experience for both of us.She knew how good she looked and so did mommy. A touch of vanilla silk for the woof woof girlie side and off she went. Oh how great and she never had to leave her house. Much Woof Woof Love

Daddy's Little Boy and My Friend

Scooby What can I say. He's Daddy's Little Boy. I had the pleasure of grooming him many a time and he knows exactly how I should give him his haircut. He has his objections and he has okays. Most of the time we both just go with the flow. I oblige as much as I can with the help of either mommy or daddy. He truly knows who I am as soon as I walk in the door and I think he makes his decision on cooperation based on the woof woof day he is having. I always enjoy seeing him because he keeps me on my toes. He is daddy's darling little boy as I have learned to know him as such.
Woof Woof LOVE My Friend

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

So Easy

Scruffles a pekingnese 3 years old What a Champ! I'm greeted with waggietail and kisses. He's easy and cooperative and smooth and cute. Our grooming session is almost magical. When finished he glows with his summer haircut. His bath of oatmeal shampoo and conditioner refreshes him. He enjoys his bath and massage and shakes on command. He knows how good he looks and thanks me with kisses. I am content knowing that he looks and feels good. Stay KOOL Mr Scruffles Woof Woof Love

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Little Daisy

A little maltese--so cuddly so cute. We see each other about every 2 months or so. Her hair doesn't grow that fast.She's always so glad to see me. Her mom leaves me the key outside so that Daisy can get her beauty makeover when she isn't home. It's just us. We have a playing session for a little bit and then its time. While beautifying, we carry on quite a talk and I know she understands me because she gives me a kiss. I love it. When complete, she's sprayed with her favorite fragrance
and smells oh so good. We cuddle amd then she knows it soon time for me to go.
Til next time.
Woof Woof LOVE

Aries Wolfie's Cousin

Meeting Aries was almost as though I was seeing a clone of Wolfie but on the feminine side.She was so cute and friendly. It was as though we were friends forever. What a waggietail! She too, needed a new look. Mom wanted her to have a girlie face when all was said and done. Upon request, I did a schnauzer haircut on her. During our beauty session, we had quite a conversation about her new look. Oh what kisses I received! She even had a top knot like little Pebbles and with a scent of vanilla silk she was on her way. As for myself, it was another yes and another addition to my doggie family.

Cutie Patootee Donnie and Princess

It was my pleasure once again to see Donnie, a yorkie poo and Princess, a senior poodle. What a pair! Donnie,a one year old and full of doggie life and Princess,
a senior trying to cope with the doggie age of elegance. I spent most of the morning making Donnie look adorable and Princess looking like a youngster. They were both soo good. Both had much patience with me that day. It was hot for all of us but being inside in the comfort of their home helped quite a bit. Mom was there too and watched on with content knowing her precious ones were in good hands Mine.
Oh and I can't forget about little Lillie, who trusts me to cut her nails when others have failed. Woof Woof Woof Love til we meet again.
PS. Princess has passed on to doggie heaven in October. I was glad she was part of my doggie family and that she trusted me to let me into her world. She was blind and could not hear and
it made me feel good inside to know that she knew I felt her trust.
May you reign as a Princess in your new life and world. I will miss you.
Your personal doggie beautician, Yvette

Wolfie Such a Joy

Wolfie and I finally found each other again. I'm always so glad to see him. He is a cutie of a Yorkie and the most patient. Him and I have this quite understanding during our grooming session which usually is about a hour and a half. He knows I"m there to make him handsome and he is most cooperative. Once mommy gives her okay go ahead, the transformation begins and wellah the same but new look comes alive. My reward is a kiss and Wolfie looks terrfic. Til the next time,stay HANDSOME and the JOY that you are.

Isabella What a Bella!

I saw Isabella again for her 6 week beauty day grooming. She was very happy to see me once again. I was very happy to see her as well. After mommy asking for specifics, our session began and a tranformation was undergoing. Isabella was quite patient but at the same time in a hurry for me to get finished. About an hour and a half later, a new and refreshed look. She smelled like a rose and was just as pretty.
Mommy was very happy and I was satisfied and another stress-free session had I accomplished. Much Woof Woof Love.
Your personal doggie beautician

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

THE Furriest Ever

Macey , part chow and part golden retriever was adopted fom a shelter by her mommy and daddy.What a Beauty and good personality.She had such a thick coat and for the hot days was a bit too much. I came to her rescue to make her comfortable and KOOL. She looked like a lab when done and what a CUTE one at that. What 2 hours of clipping can accomplish. She had a great soothing bath and she seemed to really enjoy it. GOOD JOB MISS MACEY!! woof woof
Til we meet again Stay KOOL.
Your beautician ,Yvette


Feathertail, a beautiful golden colored domestic cat. We see each other about every 6 to 8 weeks.
What a GOOD CAT!!! Such a pleasure to groom. I think sometimes, she thinks sometimes during our beauty treatment that she might be a dog. Our time together goes so well. The mish mish talks we have during the time are the greatest and I know she understands everything I say to her . There's alot of purring and grunting but its a happy sound.When all is done, the smoothest coat ever and she smells so good. THANKS mish mish. Meow Meow
It's now been 4 months since this write up and you only get better. Thank you one more time.

The Friendly One

Toby, the friendliest ever maltese.He recognized me immediately. We've been this route before just seven weeks ago. His personality is the greatest and such a pleasure to style him for the warmer days ahead. Our haircut this time around went short and fluffy. HOW CUTE WAS HE!!!!! His bath was welcoming to him and when all was done I knew me he felt good by the big kiss he gave me. Til the next time Toby HOW CUTE YOU ARE .Woof Woof LOVE
Your personal beautician, Yvette