Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Cutie Patootee Donnie and Princess

It was my pleasure once again to see Donnie, a yorkie poo and Princess, a senior poodle. What a pair! Donnie,a one year old and full of doggie life and Princess,
a senior trying to cope with the doggie age of elegance. I spent most of the morning making Donnie look adorable and Princess looking like a youngster. They were both soo good. Both had much patience with me that day. It was hot for all of us but being inside in the comfort of their home helped quite a bit. Mom was there too and watched on with content knowing her precious ones were in good hands Mine.
Oh and I can't forget about little Lillie, who trusts me to cut her nails when others have failed. Woof Woof Woof Love til we meet again.
PS. Princess has passed on to doggie heaven in October. I was glad she was part of my doggie family and that she trusted me to let me into her world. She was blind and could not hear and
it made me feel good inside to know that she knew I felt her trust.
May you reign as a Princess in your new life and world. I will miss you.
Your personal doggie beautician, Yvette

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DMCDDay said...

Today October 12, 2008 our beautiful Princess went to heaven. Princess was so happy when we found Yvette. We hated taking Princess to places to be groomed. So when we found Yvette who came to our home and took such specail care of our old girl we were all thrilled. Yvette has such a way with our four legged children. Princess was always so comfortable with her. Our sweet girl was 17 yrs old and when Yvette finished with her you would not know it. She always would talk to our deaf and blind Princess and you knew Princess understood her even if she could not hear her. Yvette gave her so much loving. We thank you so much Yvette for loving our Princess. There is a empty place in our home one that will never be filled. We will miss Princess so much, but we now know she can once again see and hear and she is running around with her brothers and sisters that passed before her. Thanks for being the special groomer you are. Princess was happier having you in her life. Donnie will see you soon.