Monday, July 14, 2008

Two Black Beauties and Little Paco

Duncan and Dante and Little Paco. What a trio! All apples of mommy and daddy's eye. Each with his own special story and boy do they have stories.What a waggietail greeting I received from the trio. It was as though I was their long lost friend.
Such much black hair much waiting to be freed from. Once our session began the look of KOOL was so much on their faces. It was hot and the timing was right. Summer makeover and spa treatments to go. Their patience was much til complete. The kisses was my reward because I knew how they felt and looked. KOOL REAL KOOL .
Little Paco nails were clipped and he trusted me to do so. Mom and Dad gave a thumbs up. Yes for me and another three additions to my doggie family. Thanks guys. Sorry this is late.
Woof Woof LOVE Your personal doggie beautician

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