Sunday, September 28, 2008

Shy and Patient

That's Buster. A terrier poodle. He's about 40 or 50 lbs and the gentliest ever. Our first encounter, he was shy but I made sure to gain his confidence. When I arrived, his sister had all ready given him a bath so we had to start our grooming backwards. Dad helped as I began to brush and dry him. Oh what hair! When dry, I began the process of changing his whole appearance and all the time I was looking for the poodle in him. Well I found it. The curly spot just before the his tail . How curly compared to the rest of him. Talking to him for the 2 hour time or so grooming. I knew he trusted me. Thank you Buster. It was really good to meet you.
Til our next time, much woof woof LOVE
Your personal doggie beautician

What a Surprise

I finally found Pepper and he lives next door to Scooby. I couldn't believe it. Another long lost doggie friend. It was great seeing him again. He's a little bigger than when I first met him as a pup, but still the sweet personality. When I rang the doorbell for our appt he didn't even bark. Mom said because he remembered me. It was woof woof Love all over again. So many kisses-before,during and after our grooming session. We were together for about 2 hours making sure every hair was in its place. When all done---wella---How Cute Pepper looked. Thank you for being in my doggie family. The pleasure was all mine.
Much woof woof LOVE
Your personal doggie beautician

Monday, September 15, 2008

Another Cutie

Coco, a maltese/shihtzu 3 years old. How adorable is she.Our second time for her beauty session was better than the first. We spent a good 2 hours together. Mom wanted her to be comfortable for the next couple of months. So indeed she was. With a semi summer cut , I turned her into a puppy and oh happy she was when we were done. She actually romped around the floor and sighed a doggie sigh. Once again my furry friend trusted me.
Til our next time, think only happy puppy-like thoughts and stay as cute as you are.
Much Woof Woof LOVE
Your personal doggie beautician, Yvette


Today I fell into puppy love with KODY. The cutest pek/poo you have ever seen. Only six months old and what a darling. His personality matches his adorable self. His first time grooming was with the upmost of ease. Such little kisses did I receive. He was soo good and had much trust in me.With some brushing,face trimming, nail clipping and a puppy bath, he was on his way to a great fluff out.
Wow! , When done Kody looked like a stuffed animal. If I might say "the most Huggable dorable stuffed animal."
Thank you Kody's mom. Much LOVE to you Kody. See you soon.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Quiet One

Ponce. A quiet chocolate colored poodle. We saw each other again after about three months or so. He remembered me and it made me feel GREAT. He usually gets his hair done in those intervals. We were together about 2 hours until his prim and proper was just that. We took a great bath even tho the weather did not cooperate much. I received a few kisses during our session. A good thank you for me . Ponce was much comfortable and looked as dapper as can be.
Thank you Mr. Ponce. Til we meet again. Much woof woof LOVE

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How Sweet They Are

Lola and Bailey. Two golden retriever mix. So blonde, so gentle and so good. I was with them both for about 3 and a half hours. So much hair did Bailey have. I kooled her by giving her a summer look. She had more thicker of a coat than Lola. Her fur was that of Rin Tin Tin but still needed the top layer off. They were much patient with me as it was our first time together.They felt comfortable. Both got deep cleansing baths and smelled oh so fresh afterwards. We spent some time fast drying and they were so good. Thanks sweeties The pleasure was all mine.

Woof Woof LOVE.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Long Lost Friends

Fred and Ginger. Two of the sweetest bishons ever.I haven't seen them since December when I had groomed them at a shop which is now currently closed. They were groomed a few times after that by others but dad was not happy with the haircuts nor the price. So out of a long shot,mom had found my business card and instant reunion. Today was great. They remembered me instantly. It took me about 3 hours to repair damaged haircuts. Indeed I did and oh how cute they look.So many kisses I received. It truly was old home week. When done they smelled sooo good too and they knew it. To both of you, thank you for really coming into my doggie family. Woof Woof LOVE. See you again you can be sure.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bernie What a Trooper

Today I had the privileged of meeting Bernie for the first time. A 12 yr old shihtzu who really needed my grooming expertize. He had not been groomed in a while and it took its toll on him. Bernie is blind, has lost some of his senses and has trouble hearing. What a challenge for me. We spent about 4 hours together with him protesting along the way. -like wanting to bite me when he felt he needed to. But he really didn't. Somehow he heard me telling him for all that time ' Don't bite me. I'm only trying to help you. So we preservered and my grooming turned him into a youngen again. I think he was happy because he seemed to walk proud. I know mom was happy and I had a GREAT feeling of accomplishment.Thanks Bernie. Til we meet again. You are a real trooper! Much Woof Woof LOVE

Friday, September 5, 2008

Little Brownie

How cute is she. She's 13 and a real sweetheart. A shihpoo. she is. Our beauty day session is quite easy because Brownie just goes with the flow. She actually looks forward to it. For the hour and.a half we spend is good quality time for both of us. We do our woof woof talking. Mom always wants a short hair cut with a Rod Stewart top. Her oatmeal bath refreshes her. When all the drying and the fluffing is done Brownie knows she looks good and feels better. Thank you Miss Brownie for being such a good girl. You are a pleasure. I'm glad you're in my doggie family.

Woof Woof LOVE

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Dream

Today I met Kenzie, a sheltie ,for the first time. How gorgeous of a face did she have. Her personality matched . She's about a year old and full of young. Mom had adopted her when she was a puppy.We were together for about 2 hours or so. Mostly brushing and then a deshading , full bath and dry and fluffy. She is the gentliest and had much patience and trust in me . We talked a few woof woof words and she understood that I was her friend. When all done, she looked like a pro. I was happy and so was mom. And kENZIE knew she looked beautiful.
Woof Woof Love to you. Thank you for being in my doggie family.