Saturday, September 6, 2008

Bernie What a Trooper

Today I had the privileged of meeting Bernie for the first time. A 12 yr old shihtzu who really needed my grooming expertize. He had not been groomed in a while and it took its toll on him. Bernie is blind, has lost some of his senses and has trouble hearing. What a challenge for me. We spent about 4 hours together with him protesting along the way. -like wanting to bite me when he felt he needed to. But he really didn't. Somehow he heard me telling him for all that time ' Don't bite me. I'm only trying to help you. So we preservered and my grooming turned him into a youngen again. I think he was happy because he seemed to walk proud. I know mom was happy and I had a GREAT feeling of accomplishment.Thanks Bernie. Til we meet again. You are a real trooper! Much Woof Woof LOVE

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