Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What a Dream

Today I met Kenzie, a sheltie ,for the first time. How gorgeous of a face did she have. Her personality matched . She's about a year old and full of young. Mom had adopted her when she was a puppy.We were together for about 2 hours or so. Mostly brushing and then a deshading , full bath and dry and fluffy. She is the gentliest and had much patience and trust in me . We talked a few woof woof words and she understood that I was her friend. When all done, she looked like a pro. I was happy and so was mom. And kENZIE knew she looked beautiful.
Woof Woof Love to you. Thank you for being in my doggie family.

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Kenziesmom said...

Thanks, Yvette. My whole family is pleased with Kenzie's thinned out look. It was a pleasure.