Monday, August 11, 2008

The Kissiest

Scooby so many kisses so much kisses Our first time together.
We had a good time during our grooming session. We talked woof woof and got along just fine. A summer cut to make him feel more comfortable. He especially liked his bath and massage.
What a delight and how happy he was. It made me very happy to know that he knew that I was his friend and he trusted me. Thank you much Scooby Scooby. Til our next session---
Stay the kissiest.
Woof Woof Love
Your personal doggie beautician


Poosmama said...

Yvette is a complete pleasure to have in our home. No stress on Scooby & she does a wonderful job - thank you & see you soon for Scooby's next appointment!

Yvette said...

Thank you poosmama for your praise. I most enjoy Scooby. He has the sweetest of personaities
It was great seeing you both again. It's so at home.
To Scooby stay the Kissiest.