Thursday, June 19, 2008

What A Cutie!!!

The second I saw Kilo, a 4lb maltese, I fell in puppy love with him. He is very energetic and super friendly. It was his first grooming session with me and he was a little anxious. Once we got started he settled down and the beautifying began. He didn't have too much body hair to cut off but his legs were badly matted. After a good while of making magic and the knots disappearing , he was really looking up to par. Our bathtime was very energetic but I knew he enjoyed it. He smelled soooo good. When I asked him to shake he did it immediately . I then gave him a doggie massage and then it was back to the table to finish our haircut. Quite anxious to finish he was and we did. The finale--- the cutest of the cute and mommy and daddy were very happy too.
As for myself, it was truly puppy love. and I had another addition to my doggie family.

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