Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Miss Agnes - another in the age of doggie elegance

A schnauzer mix. I met her for the first time today. So sad did she look. Her new mom called a few days before to ask me to help her out. She had a few doggie issues due to former neglect of a former owner. She is blind but it doesnt stop her to doing her doggie ways. I greeted her with the warmest of hellos and she in her own right knew I was there to make her feel better.
She really did need alot of work. Once on my grooming table, her makover session began. Much hair,much nails and much needed. I knew we would have a good while together to get her back in shape. Shape is what we did. Our woof woof talking made the time go by faster. I could tell she was feeling better. She began to hold her head up high and actually stand up comfortably. She trusted me from the beginning. It made me feel good.
To my new friend with much woof woof Love
A pleasure to make your years of doggie elegance a little more elegant
Your personal doggie beautician
Yvette Have groomer will travel

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