Friday, March 13, 2009

What a Beauty

I had the pleasure of meeting Molly. 60 lbs plus of golden doodle. So much much hair. What

a beautiful dog she is. Her face that of a poodle and the body of a retriever with the sweetest of

personallties ever. Mom wanted her comfortable for the warmer days ahead of us and I obliged them both. Once we began, our grooming and makeover session was a process to say the least .

Giving Molly a safe summer cut on her body with a flair at the ankles, and leaving the most perfect poodle face was a perfect doo for her. How cute she looked. With much patience on her part and much obedience, this was a grooming of love. Mom was happy with the results and Molly looked liked a gem. Thank you Molly for trusting me and mom too.

Til we meet again.

Much woof woof LOVE

Your personal doggie beautician,Yvette

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