Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 2 New Little Senior Doggie Friends

Meeting Natasha, a dashhund, 11 and Boris,a yorkie,9 I fell immediately into puppy love. How adorable they both are. My first grooming session was for Boris. He needed a younger look. Mom had been cutting his hair for a while and although he looked cute,he needed me -his personal doggie beautician. I was quite happy to oblige. We connected right away and from then on it was smooth grooming. We spent about 2 hours together. A summer cut, a cuter and younger look for Boris. How happy he was to feel more comfortable for the warmer weather.
I turned him into a puppy. Our woof woof talking helped the time go by faster with a kiss or 2 in between. I thank you for trusting me and it was my pleasure. Mom was much happy too.
Til we meet again my little friend,
Much Woof Woof LOVE
Your personal doggie beautician, Yvette
P>S> and you too Natasha for allowing me to cut your nails.

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